'This is the type of woman you should marry,' Jimal Rohosafi advices

The matatu boss was severely attacked by netizens who criticized him for giving marriage advice

Piece by: Moses Sagwe

• The businessman advised men to marry women who pray for them instead of tapping their phones.

• He also apologized to God while hinting that this year he might try a card in the pool of love.

Jimal Rohosafi.
Image: Instagram

Businessman Jimal Rohosafi has decided to start the year by repenting of all his sins that saw his love life devolve terribly in 2022. 

Through his Instastories, Jimal seemed to ask God for forgiveness while praying for the new year to have new changes in his life and begged God not to block his success.

"God, don't allow my sins to block my success and blessings. Please forgive me. A new year of change 2023,” Jimal wrote.

Jimal, who is successful in business but has no luck in love, also used the opportunity to give advice to all those who expect to get married this year.

According to Jimal, any man who wants to be successful in marriage should consider looking for a woman who will put her hands on his head while he sleeps and pray for him and not the one who rushes to hack her husband's phone while he sleeps.

"Marry a woman who will secretly put her hands on your head and pray for you while you sleep and not the one who rushes to pick up your phone," Jimal said.

Jimal giving marriage advice is ironic considering that both his wives dumped him last year with thee father of two trying to get on good terms with his first wife Amira by way of a public apology.

But Amira wasn't having it and refused to get back with him and she seems to be living her best life at the moment.

On the other hand, Amber Ray moved on and is now engaged to Kennedy Rapudo, with whom they have announced that they are having a baby together

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