Amira finally addresses Amber Ray's brutal diss

The two used to fight for their ex-husband back in 2021

• The two women were once the co-wives of Jimal Rohosafi.

• It seems that no love is lost between the two. 

Amira vs Amber Ray.
Image: Instagram

Yesterday Faith Makau aka Amber Ray opened a can of worms when she revisited her beef with Jimal Rohosafi's ex-wife, Amira. 

In her Christmas Day post, Amber had mocked her former co-wife for allegedly being chased from her Syokimau home like a dog.

"Nakumbuka akiwadanganya nimefukuzwa huku, saa hii yeye ndio hawezi kanyaga huku tena, kafukuzwa kama mbwa," the socialite wrote. 

And the mom of one wasn't done, even going further to defend her earlier post. She did so in a response to a fan who had asked her why she hated Amira.

Amber doubled down by saying that she didn't hate anyone but that her problem with Amira was that she had allegedly lied about her in the past.

"Honestly I don't hate anyone...But she lied about me sana on social media and honestly life is so funny sometimes and I can't help but laugh. Ushinde ukiita mtu 304 baadaye ufukuzwe..."

She then finished her message by telling Kenyans to let her enjoy the irony of life.

"You can all judge me but wacheni nicheke please."

Amber Ray's message.
Image: Instagram

Now Amira has responded to the dig using her own social media page. Posting on her Instastories, the mom of two shared a video of herself dancing to a song as she drove her high-powered SUV.

Her caption was very instructive and left no room for the imagination as to whom she was speaking about.

"Crazy how even minding your business makes people upset," her smug message read.

Amira's response.
Image: Instagram

I wonder how this small tiff will end? Will it become a full-blown war like last year or will Amira be the bigger person and decide not to take the bait? And will Jimal get involved like last time?

Stay tuned, we will surely be covering it.

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