Jimal Rohosafi roasted after giving life advice

See Jimal's message of love after being 'character-developed'

Piece by: Naomi Waweru

• Jimal makes an interesting assertion that might be seen as a response to Amber Ray's love life.

• The father of two and Amber where together for a few tumultuous months back in 2021.

Finally responds after his ex-girlfriend Amber Ray went to see boyfriend's in-laws
Jimal Marlow Roho Safi Finally responds after his ex-girlfriend Amber Ray went to see boyfriend's in-laws
Image: Instagram

Ex- boyfriend to socialite Amber Ray and ex-husband to Amira Jimal Marlow Roho Safi wrote an 'i give up' message about love on his Instagram page accompanied by a photo. The conclusive message read;

"If you are not lucky with love chase money don't be a loser on both sides," Jimal wrote.

Some who saw the post wondered whether his post had anything to do with his ex-girlfriend going visit the family of her current boyfriend, Kennedy Rapudo.

The general consensus was that the father of two had played himself. Check out some comments below;

electorsharon I wish you would reconcile with your wife and be genuine

the_girl_with_scarfNow you understand, grass is only greener where you water😢

liliangerthony😂😂😂😂Motivational speaker.... Bibi alienda, side hen ameolewa pia. Saa utadu?

sheekow_xristaMapenzi yamekuchanganya..you thought she lost ona sasa amepata anaeya mpenda na akaolewo tu hivo

In what seemed like an engagement setting, had people speculated that Rapudo had proposed to his on and off girlfriend only for Amber to clarify later on that;

"Thank you all for the warm messages, it wasn’t an engagement but introduction (for parents to know that we are dating) which is a huge step for us🥳…Ebu muwache kutuharakishia 🤣🤣🤣 we are just taking a day at a time🥰 and honestly I’m enjoying every bit of it🥰@kennedyrapudo I’m so happy I’m going through this journey with you," exited Amber stated.

Couple getting boo'd up after visiting in-laws
Amber Ray and Kennedy Rapudo Couple getting boo'd up after visiting in-laws
Image: Instagram

Jimal lost both his wives in 2021 after many disputes between the two. A few months ago, he tried getting back with Amira but she rebuffed his advances telling him to kick rocks.

There has been speculation that something might be going on between him and his close friend Wangari Thiongo, something they have not confirmed.

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