Amira lists qualities of the man she wants to date

Amira was married to Jamal and they went their separate ways a few months ago.

• Amira has listed some qualities she is looking for in her next relationship.

• Amira wants a man who gives her money. 

Jamal's wife Amira
Jamal's wife Amira
Image: Instagram

Content creator Amira has listed some qualities she is looking for in her next potential partner.

The mother of two who ended her marriage to Jamal shared a message that talked about how a husband is supposed to treat his wife. In the video, a man could be seen taking care of the welfare of his wife despite her owning multiple businesses. 

"I still give my wife pocket money every week for her lunch and pocket money every month end for her hair and nails to still look hot for me even though she owns businesses because it is my marital duty as her husband,” the message read.

Amira endorsed the message saying;

"Dear husband, I hope you are built like this,".

Amira and Jamal became nemesis after the businessman started dating Amber Ray leading to his breakup and alleged divorce from Amira.

Amira put up a post on her Insta-stories that read;

 "You'll be shocked at how unattractive someone becomes once the lesson is learned,"

She then captioned underneath it, " her ex don't be her type anymore."

The entrepreneur has been single for quite a while now and hasn't given any signs of a new relationship after her drama with the father of her kids.

Jimal later penned a heartfelt message to Amira where he admitted publicly apologizing had not been an easy step but it had to be done as the disrespect was public as well.

"Most of you, if not all, know what happened between me and my wife and how we came to the limelight; To say the least, it was chaos! It was messy! 

I may have seemed un-bothered but I was helpless. I knew it was wrong, I knew you were hurting but I just couldn’t get myself together! I apologize for all the disrespect, for all the embarrassment, for all the hurt, for all the pain, for all the trauma.....I failed and I admit it" he wrote in an Instagram post.

Jamal finished off by begging Amira to forgive him noting that the two have come a long way together.

"Please forgive me and you come from way back and for me to put you through all that mess was distasteful," he wrote.

Amira highlighted that the apology had opened a floodgate of emotions and triggered her.

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