'I love you' Mammito gushes over Terence Creative after comedy show success

Terence celebrated Mammito saying she is destined for greatness.

• Mammito rose to fame for featuring on the Churchill show.

• Terence celebrated Mammito for having a sold-out event.

Mammito Eunice.
Image: Instagram

Terence Creative has congratulated Mammito for having her first sold-out laugh concert.

The comedienne on Saturday held a "Mammito and Friends concert".

It was amazing for her to sell out given her mentor Churchill was also hosting Laugh Festival.

Taking to his socials, Terence penned.

"SELLING OUT IS AN UNDERESTIMATION you are super talented and blessed, am happy to be part of your journey, and seeing you doing this brings me tears of joy, you were designed for greatness, and this is just the beginning of good great things, I love you as a sister and love what you do my sister, congratulations for tonight this was awesome. 🙏🙏🙏🙏 @mammitoeunice."

To which Mammito responded

"I love you ❤️😘"

After university, Mammito started looking for a job as a social worker, but she failed to get one. She had never thought of doing comedy as a career.

After missing out on job opportunities, she auditioned for the Churchill show but She failed to impress a couple of times.

She lacked courage and stage presence despite her jokes being funny. This continued until she was finally admitted in 2015.

In 2015 during her first open mic performance at the Churchill Show, she had so much stage fright that nobody laughed.

"It’s like I was giving a speech, there was nothing but an echo. There is even a time I forgot all my lines, I just looked blankly at the crowd and walked off stage, I was so embarrassed I just cried."She stated.

In 2017, Mammito was scheduled to perform at the three-day Kigali International Comedy Festival event in November.

She has been so persistent something that has made her remain relevant in the industry.

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