Why Milly Chebby will not get weight loss surgery

Milly Chebby would join a list of growing celebrities choosing surgery to lose weight

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• Kate Actress and Jackie Matubia have already undergone procedures to help with weight loss.

• The most common procedure celebrities are opting for is gastric bypass surgery.

Milly Chebby ready to undergo a weight loss surgery procedure
Milly Chebby ready to undergo a weight loss surgery procedure

Scores of Kenyan celebrities are preferring to go the cosmetic surgery way. Milly Chebby Mwangi was among those possibly considering going under the knife.

Disclosing her thoughts to close friends The WaJesus family, Milly strongly suggested that she had countless offers for surgery.

The two couples were hanging out and exercising with their respective spouses with Milly admitting asking her namesake when she would go through with it?

"Ai naogopa Milly ningekuwa nimefanya, na niko na offers."

But Terence her husband rejected such a notion, telling his wife that things will be done the long and hard way- through diligent exercise.

"No knife in my house we will workout," he declared.

Milly listened to her husband after his decision and agreed with him saying, "Umekataa sawa."

Milly and Terence regularly do exercises together, encouraging one another that it takes time for results to be noticed.

A couple of days ago, it was revealed that Milly would undergo surgery and considering several types of procedures including gastric bypass.

“So, I’m preparing, I’ll be going for one of those ones you have seen there soon. Very, very, soon,” she said.

She said that she had already gone for a consultation.

“I already went for my consultation. I asked every question I wanted to ask, I asked if there were any side effects- everything that I needed to ask…. I am glad that I am now set and ready to psychologically go do the process,” Milly said.  

The mom of one had considered undergoing surgery to help her lose weight
Milly Chebby. The mom of one had considered undergoing surgery to help her lose weight
Image: Instagram

She promised to share the surgical procedure with her fans. 

“I will be taking you guys through the process.” 

Her best friend Jackie Matubia has also used the gastric balloon procedure to cut weight, adding that she had seen results. 

Matubia revealed she underwent non-invasive surgery where an inflatable silicone balloon was inserted into her stomach in a bid to lose weight.

Jackie stated that she lost 6 Kgs in 2 weeks after ingesting the balloon. Kate the Actress has also done the same procedure and lost five kilos in the same duration.

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