Gospel singer Justina Syokau wants a big Nyash but not like Sidika's

Syokau had in the past said she was looking for a man to marry

• Twendi Twendi hitmaker Justina Syokau wants to look like Kardashian.

• Syokau will not do the surgery to attract men 

Justina Syokau wants to look like Kardashian.
Justina Syokau wants to look like Kardashian.
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Twendi Twendi hitmaker Justina Syokau wants to look like Kim Kardashian.

The popular artiste told NTV that she will undergo body enhancement surgery so that she can get the perfect body she wants.

"I want to undergo liposuction to remove excess fat from my stomach," she said.

"I would want the excess fat in my waistline to be put on my behind so I can have the perfect shape I want. I want my appearance to be different and I have been hitting the gym.

I want a complete renovation. God has indeed blessed me with a big behind but I want to enhance them so that I can look like Kim Kardashian."

Syokau was then asked if she wants to get a figure like that of our Kenyan socialite Vera Sidika but she said;

"Vera Sidika's behind is too big, Ile ni mzigo sitaweza kubeba kila siku kwa sababu mi ni msaani nikitingiza kwa stage itakuwa uzito sana (That's a luggage and I won't be able to carry every day. Because I'm an artiste if I twerk on stage it will be too heavy)," she said.

A few days ago, she told Mpasho that she was ready for the surgery and that she would be traveling to do the procedure out of the country.

"Nataka kutravel kwenda kuongeza Ulaya, but nikipata daktari mzuri hapa Kenya naweza fanya hapa, but bado sijui mtu anaweza nifanyia hapa Kenya."

She denied that she wanted to do the surgery to attract men in her life but said she was doing it for herself.

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