' I spent 7 million on cosmetic surgery' Vera Sidika

Vera says one should own something if they have paid for it.

• Vera says her hips and her behind are all natural.

• She went through cosmetic surgery four years ago.

She says she used more than 7 million on cosmetic surgery.
Vera Sidika. She says she used more than 7 million on cosmetic surgery.
Image: Instagram

Vera Sidika has opened up about getting her teeth and bust for a whooping six thousand dollars which is equivalent to Ksh. 7,254,000.

Speaking to Kamene Goro on The Morning Kiss, the 'Popstar' singer said;

"All parts of me are me but I bought some part of me. You buy it, you own it. My hips and butt is real. I had a big butt way before I became famous. I wanted to be a bit more proportional..." She said.

Adding "I got my boobs done at Beverly Hills and also got my teeth done. They are certified doctors. Incase of anything you can sue them. You get your money's worth.I got this done three four years ago. It cost me 6000 dollars."

Sidika recently made headlines after lying that she had reduced her butt.  She later came out to insinuate that she wasn't sorry after fans said she made an insensitive publicity stunt.

"Y'all didn't find it sensitive when people were mocking, laughing at me for having surgery complications. U even joined them," she wrote on Instagram.


"And enjoyed it!!! But u find it sensitive that it was for attention. So it's okay for u to laugh at my complications/ situation & not vice verse lma000000. Y'all can kiss my bleached *"

Check out fans' reaction to her surgeries;

Cylcksphotography: Kenyans we love non important issues. Why give all this aitltime to a socialite than what is affecting Kenyans or development

Baerie: As long as she's happy😍 that's what matters

Teenfx: Kashamba na kanyumba na kagari ziko kwa meno

Littyelton: If you get the money, YOLO🔥

Its maureen wolf: Get the mullah and fix yourself okay taking notes😂😂

Badgrilcashina: Wueeh na sisi tuna dangywa na mzinga za pombe Lord locate me please

Sallybeibe: Bt she is real c kama hawa wengine wanafake hadi miaka utadhan wanaenda rectuitment ya jeshi😂😂😂😂😂😂😂Enjoy mummy achana na hawa pretenders❤️❤️

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