'The creative industry in Kenya lacks cohesiveness' - Exposes Nadia Mukami

Nadia spoke on three things that were affecting the creative industry

Piece by: MARY NG'AN'G'A

•Nadia had a contrary opinion to that of Eric Omondi

•Nadia said leadership in the industry was a key element 

speaks on what's ailing the creative industry
Nadia Mukami speaks on what's ailing the creative industry
Image: Instagram

Kenyan artist Nadia Mukami also known as the African popstar has shared insights on what's ailing the creative industry.

Her list comprised three-pointers, cohesiveness, leadership, and engagement platforms to champion policy advocacy.

Taking it to her Instagram platform, she wrote,

"The creative industry in Kenya lacks cohesiveness, leadership, and engagement platforms to champion policy advocacy. #Creative economy."

The 'Kai Wangu' hitmaker, took it a notch higher as she added,

"Concerns about lack of up-to-date statistics about the sector's growth in terms of value has also made it difficult for industries such as media, policymakers and relevant stakeholders to gauge the sector's real potential."

Nadia's nuggets are contrary to what the self-proclaimed President of African comedy, Eric Omondi, has been advocating.

The controversial content creator has been chairing a discussion that's probably getting out of hand, noting that Kenyan artists need showbiz or, in other words, vipindi's to break out. 

Eric has received insurmountable backlash due to his 'unsolicited advice.'

"The formula is simple, and I have said it only a million times! showbiz!!! showbiz!!! showbiz!!! Eric's statement said in part.

Bien and several artists who had it to the core had this to note,

"Because where is your Netflix comedy special? Or whatever metric they use to measure success in comedy. You take out your steam on music while comedy is on its deathbed. Useless burukenge," the inauma hitmaker dismissed him.

Khaligraph had his two cents on the same as he stated,

"Let's keep pushing, Tunapanda juu pole pole and To all the aspiring Musicians on the Come up, Don't let them demotivate you, Online criticism is needed for growth but that should never give you the impression that people are not doing okay, we came in this game with nothing and used this Music to change our lives, let's strive to make it better, so far so good.. #respecttheogs"

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