'Mtoto ni wa mama,' Nadia Mukami declares

Nadia and Arrowbwoy are parents to 6month old boy

• Nadia speaks about joint music project with her man.

• Nadia also said women should not rush into having children.

Influential couple shooting their song Kai wangu dedicated to their baby
Arrow boy and wife Nadia Mukami Influential couple shooting their song Kai wangu dedicated to their baby
Image: Instagram

During an interview with Mpasho's Kalondu Musyimi this week, Nadia Mukami opened about Arrow's recent comments about becoming a father and her life as a first-time mom.

Arrow Bwoy had opened up about the tough pregnancy journey his fiancee Nadia went through writing on his I.G,

"Boychild if you are not ready for the drama that comes with pregnancy journey just use protection and if you find yourself in this situation please cooperate."

Nadia reacted to Arrowbwoys comments during the interview saying she thought it was true.

"Because motherhood is not a joke. We are starting a podcast to try and curb teen pregnancies in Kenya. Because you find currently that ladies below the age of 20 chali anakudanganya uzae to prove, also there is peer pressure online. It's *motherhood* is not about finances. It's about your mental health it's about your goals you know a woman can still do it but motherhood is not easy."

Nadia underscored the importance of being mentors to teen girls about such issues.

"So we are just trying to tell young girls to have something for themselves and to make sure they are ready coz now I'm a mother I understand."

The 'African Lover' singer spoke on the challenges of motherhood
Nadia Mukami holding her son with Arrow Bwoy in the background The 'African Lover' singer spoke on the challenges of motherhood
Image: Instagram

Her son Kai is now six months old and the 'Wangu' singer joyfully spoke about his growth saying,

"He has really grown, amekuwa baba sasa. Even when I'm having a bad day I just want to go home to my son, no matter what I'm doing."

Nadia also spoke about how Kai has been such a motivating factor in her life since she delivered.

"He has been a big blessing and I'm grateful to God for that. Mtoto ni wa mama."

Nadia also had a message for young girls on what they needed to know before they made the decision on having kids.

"Mtoto ni wa mama. Yes men playa very big role part, but I think a woman does more, so you have the sacrifices; your body changes, your life changes, your time changes."

These factors according to Nadia meant that the responsibility of parenting mostly lied with the woman.

"So kabla udanganywe na mtu ati nizalie nitakusaidia kulea, I have the most supportive partner in the world, but at the end of the day changes zinafanyika kwa mwili, postpartum, you are just crying, it's overwhelming coz ukipata stress kidogo hivi maziwa inapotea."

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