• KOT is impressed with the two President spouses' hair.

• Mrs Ruto and Mra Kenyatta have rocked short hair all their lives.

Rachel Ruto and Margaret Kenyatta short hair september 12
Rachel Ruto and Margaret Kenyatta short hair september 12

The short natural hair movement is getting its inspiration from former First lady Margaret Kenyatta and First lady Rachel Ruto.

Pictures of the two powerful spouses to predecessor Uhuru Kenyatta and President William Ruto have gone viral online.

Throughout the term of predecessor Uhuru Kenyatta, Margaret and Rachel always got positive comments about their preferred hairstyles. Many noted how beautiful they look with short natural hair.

And this was more evident on Monday September 12 when then incoming First Lady Rachel Ruto toured State House for the official handing over process. (Above)

Singer Nadia Mukami who also spots the same hairstyle said that natural short hair rocks, praising short ladies who wear it as 'Wife Material'.

"Kwa hizi Internet streets naskia wakisema short girls with short hair ndio wife material aaaaaah eti if you want to make it get a short girl with short hair 😁😁😁 Si mimi nimesema."

Nadia was among artistes entertaining guests at the swearing in ceremony for Kenya's fifth president William Ruto.

The hyped ceremony took place Tuesday September 13 at the Moi Kasarani Sports Complex.

Nadia joined a host of Gospel musicians among them Guardian Angel, Ruth Matete, Zablon singers, and Shiru wa GP, Solomon Mkubwa at the stadium.

Her comment got positive responses from other short-haired girl. They are below;

__.w.i.n.n.i.e._Short girls❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ tumefikiwa 😂

msharon85Kabisa,with natural hair😂

kasweetie_254Baas tumefikiwa Sasa 👏🔥❤️

fay.kare.90Ni ukweli vnye znasema,,yaani tuko wassap group moja,,ufupi,na pia ur my namesy

cutedor3Kabisa that's the trend😂😂🔥

Gospel singer Ringtone also noted the same and penned his thoughts.

"Please all men marry short women if you is want to make it at your life please left tall women alone tall women will stolen your star."

One reason why some women prefer the short natural hair look include low maintenance. The hairstyle is also versatile and for those who don't need to do too much when on the go.

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