Kate actress in tears as Netflix Thespian praises her

Country Queen actress, Melisa, was appreciating Kate for her kind gestures

Piece by: MARY NG'AN'G'A

•Melisa said she is trying to emulate how Kate walks into a room like a business not like an artist or actor 

•Melisa is a country queen actress

Kate actress in tears as Netflix Thespian praises her
Kate Actress Kate actress in tears as Netflix Thespian praises her
Image: Instagram

Celebrated Kenyan actress Catherine Kamau, popularly known as Kate Actress, was left speechless in a rare show after a Country Queen actress sang her praises.

Melisa Kiplagat, who plays the role of Akisa in Country Queen, took to her social media platform to give the mother of two her long overdue flowers.

"There is someone whom I have been wanting to give their flowers..." the Netflix thespian commenced.

 "I'd never met Kate before I went to South Africa for the Netflix artist appreciation week, but when I tell you that girl is my idol," Melisa was not about to withhold anything.

"Like honestly, she has the best heart, she cares so much about elevating people. She doesn't step on other people to get to where she is going," she carried on.

"When I say help, the kind of little things am talking about, is she gave me advise the entire trip (Netflix artist appreciation week in SA), as she went out of her way, she didn't have to do that, I and her didn't know each other." Melisa reminisced 

Melisa went on to touch on some of the things she has learned from Kate. 

"Another big thing that I have been trying to emulate, that I learned from her, which has been so effective, Kate walks into the room like a business, even the way she dresses when she walks into a room, she doesn't walk into a room like 'Oh my God, am an artist,' no! she walks into the room like 'let's talk business," Melisa stressed.

"I've been trying to do that as well and it has changed a lot of things, even the way I approach situations 

She is such a powerhouse, girl!" She expressed.

"If you are ever around Kate, just sit back and learn because there is a reason she is where she is and she gets invited to the things she gets invited to." The actress advised.

After Kate had composed herself, she went to her Instagram page to give her response as she said

"I am so grateful, Melisa, mimi umefanya nilie ivi, mimi? Thankyou."

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