• Kate Actress had earlier on said she missed Fenty's launch due to a conflict of interest 

• Kate had just launched her cosmetics product earlier on in the week

Kate Actress
Kate Actress
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Turns out it was more than just a "conflict of interest," if the pockets don't jiggle Kate is a no-show.

Catherine Kamau, better known as Kate Actress to the general public caused quite a stir online when she showed up for L'Oréal Paris high tea launch party barely a day after she made it public that she failed to attend Fenty Beauty's launch due to a conflict of interest.

Both L'Oréal and Fenty are international makeup and skincare brands and serve the same purpose, so how is failing to attend one then looking glamorous for the other a business move sine well... conflict of interest.

I as well as other netizens wondered.

Well, Kate just revealed she showed up for L'Oréal because... wait for it... they paid her!

A fan decided to ask the media personality the question in her comment section because, yes curiosity.

Auma Ochieng wrote, " Sasa Fenty na L'Oreal kuna difference gani? ( Honestly what is the difference between the two brands) Si ungeenda tu ya Fenty at least you could have shown them how to turn up to such events." 

Good move Auma, offer compliments to butter up the situation and definitely not come out as a troll.

To which Kate simply responded by saying, " L'Oréal has paid me!"

But Auma was still a little quizzical and voiced what we were all thinking, she went ahead to ask the new entrepreneur, " thought it was about putting House of Humba Cosmetics first... Anyway"

But Kate did not offer a response to the second question. 

Now admittedly just like other Kenyans I'm left with a myriad of questions, was it about the pay or her new business. If you all recall Kate had tweeted, "Not me missing Fenty Launch because of conflict of interest. I mean, is House of Humba Cosmetics a joke to you?"

Adding, "Big dreams. Mark this tweet. #SaveYourCenty."

She had also shared another post where she encouraged artists in all crafts generally to have standards and be proud once they rise in the ranks. She wrote, " the only time you attend free gigs is when you are starting out because you need them to network, learn the ropes. Ukiiva ringa nani!"

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