Speaker Moses Wetangula tells new MP's not to desert spouses

House Speaker Wetangula has advised Mp's about their spouses

• Members of the national assembly are at an induction workshop.

• They have been told about car and home loans.

Mioses Wetanula at indiction of nationala ssembly
Mioses Wetanula at indiction of nationala ssembly

House Speaker Moses Wetangula has advised newly elected Mp's not to forget their spouses when they come to Nairobi for official duty.

The National Assembly is on Day 2 of the Induction of members at Safaripark Hotel, Nairobi.

While addressing the various representatives, Wetangula told that there have been instances of politicians neglecting families over their newfound fame.

"Honorable members as you embark on your work I want to encourage you all also not to forget the people who make you what you are. Your family members Please don't come to Nairobi and forget your families."

The 13th Parliament is gearing up to report for official duty soon, weeks after they were sworn in.

Causing laughter, a serious Wetangula reminded the MPs that they have family obligations and so must always keep that in mind as they go about their duties far from their families.

"It's your families that help us build great institutions in this country.

We will have a session towards the end where we will have some experience from spouses of females Mp's and males Mp's to tell you what their expectations are, how you conduct yourself, with the newfound space with the newfound accolades with the newfound opportunities "He added

Wetangula encouraged the first time politicians to hang in tehre as they would soon get the ropes of how things run.

"I encourage you those of us who come from the countryside I met some colleague who told me you know I've just come to Nairobi I don't even know where to stay.

I don't even know where to start. I told him you will soon find it very easy just go to Parliament, find our staff they will show you how to get your mortgage, how to get your car how to get your everything and things will work very well"

Papa Wa Roma as he is fondly known also asked the the new Mp's to make time for family

"Every weekend try and go home. So that people don't think the elected you and threw you to Nairobi and by the time you go back after five years you find the ground has shifted" Getting cheeky, Wetangula added "because it is always shifting"

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