Karen Nyamu's classy burn to 'husband-snatcher' accusation

Karen Nyamu spoke after Samidoh's wife said side chic's think they are better than the wives

• Karen Nyamu has constantly been branded as a husband snatcher.

• Karen Nyamu is currently dating Samidoh with whom she has two children.

Karen Nyamu responds to being a husband snatcher
Karen Nyamu responds to being a husband snatcher
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Nominated Senator Karen Nyamu has broken her silence after being branded by a fan as a ‘husband snatcher.’

Karen had shared a photo of herself on her social media when a fan identified as Mercy Ramsey wrote;

"Hello, you thief of people’s husbands."

The mother of three corrected the fan saying she only stole one husband.

"It's a husband, not husbands, repeat correctly now."

Her response comes after her Samidoh's wife, Edday Nderitu, talked about side chicks thinking they are more special than the wives.

A social media user identified as Bernice Saroni shared a post asking why side chicks get the strength to feel special when they already know there is another woman in the picture.

Bernice advised them to stop breaking families and get their own men. "Where do side chicks get the strength to tell a married man promise not to break my heart or cheat on me?" she wrote.

"Women, how special do you think you are than the wife? Don't be a devil in someone's marriage, they are a lot of single men huku nje."

The nominated senator has addressed the claim that she's a husband-snatcher
Karen Nyamu The nominated senator has addressed the claim that she's a husband-snatcher
Image: Instagram

Samidoh's wife Edday Nderitu was among the women who commented on the post.

Edday said the person to be blamed the most is the man and the woman also thinking they are better than the wife.

"It all starts with a man who doesn't respect his family, then comes a side chick who thinks she’s better than the wife," she wrote.

Edday added that in this case, the children suffer the most.

"Children will suffer because of two selfish people, and that’s why suicide in pre-teens and teens has increased."

Her post comes days after Karen Nyamu used her Insta-stories to share a photo of Samidoh posing next to their son on Thursday, when she took the Oath of Office at the Senate chambers.

Word Is reached out to the singer, who promised to comment on the issue on social media soon.

A few months ago, Edday was irked by a fan who attacked her for tolerating a cheating man.

"So I shouldn’t live my life because my husband cheated?"

Edday and Samidoh have three children together, while he has two children with Karen Nyamu.

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