• A cheating partner will turn the tables and blame you for their actions.

•T hey will tell you they resisted but eventually gave in to the flirtation.

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There are common excuses that men who cheat will always say when they are caught.

From accusing you of being crazy and jealous, cheaters will try and manipulate you to think you have lost your mind.

When confronting a cheating spouse, and they are guilty, you will be surprised at the outrageous lies and statements they give.

Below are seven things you will hear from everyone you ever caught cheating on you

1. It didn't mean anything

He or she will tell you that you are blowing things out of proportion.

2. You are never available for me 

A cheater will make excuses for this by saying you are always busy.

3. Nothing is going on, you are just insecure 

Your partner will do their best to make you feel paranoid about your thoughts. That you do have an active imagination and you can ask anyone to confirm your suspicions.

4. I was unhappy in the relationship

When caught in the act, your spouse or partner will tell you that they have been unhappy in your relationship plus you have also been distant with them.

Just know that they are saying this so that they can make themselves appear as the victim. This is one of the very common things cheaters say when confronted.

5. It never got physical 

The point here is that it was probably a text or innocent flirtation that never ended up with the two of them in bed.

6. I didn't mean to hurt you

He will tell you he didn't mean to hurt you by cheating.

7. You weren't meeting my needs 

They tend to say that there is never enough twa twa from his woman, thus justifying his cheating.

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