Meet the Kenyan who coined the nickname Riggy G

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has been nicknamed Riggy G.

• Rigathi is among politicians to be given nicknames by Kenyans.

• Kenyans online are amused at the nickname

who made a blunder during his swearing-in
Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua who made a blunder during his swearing-in

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua joins a long list of politicians with hilarious nicknames.

Mr. Rigathi's nickname became clear to Kenyans once he got into the political campaigns and the Presidential debate at The Catholic University.

What we don't know is the origins of the nickname. It turns out that a Kenyan woman is behind the Riggy G moniker.

Her name is Ivy Chelimo on Twitter and she was invited to the StateHouse luncheon after the swearing-in ceremony that went down on Monday, September 13 at Moi Sports complex Kasarani.

Ivy Chelimo @_chelimo_ was the first person to tweet the nickname Riggy G. Tweeted on 19th July 2022, 9.11 pm.

She is the lady who coined Rigathi Gachagua's nickname Riggy G.
@_chelimo She is the lady who coined Rigathi Gachagua's nickname Riggy G.
Image: Twitter

Ivy has been MIA on Twitter since Monday and only returned on Wednesday night to declare she is excited at being recognized for coining the nickname.

"Ah naskia huku mumesema mimi no celebrity . Riggy G to the world !!"


Riggy G nickname on Twitter
Riggy G nickname on Twitter

Kenyans are reacting sayign she should be given a Head of State Commendation.

@_chelimo_·Nimekuwa statehouse na sijapata Head Of State Commendation

@mskd_bndt·While you were gone, you achieved top celebrity status. Nasikia utatafutwa Karen very soon

@Avan254·Kidogo kidogo ujipate Kwa kafment

@comradefyat·Unaddress nchi saa ngapi?

@Lanziniiii·I hope you meet Riggy G soon

@Whomsterdam·Asubuhi ulikua na 5k followers,sahii ni 10k. Enda chukua oath of office kesho pamoja na hao judges

@BenmikeM·You aren't the queen,you're the entire kingdom

@JMutinda_snr·Thanks Chelimo for giving KOT that name. You deserve HSC.

@noelkitonga·Ati wewe ndo ulipea Rigathi gangster points

Here are some hilarious jokes about Riggy G that have been trending since. He is also considered the new King of memes after successfully replacing President Uhuru.

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