Michael Oyier's wife reflects on their marriage life in touching tribute

• Oyier died on Sunday, April 21, at a Nairobi hospital following what the family said was a stroke.

• I love Michael very much - Dinah said 

Michael Oyier's wife reflects on their marriage life in touching tribute 

Celebrated media personality the late Michael Oyier was laid to rest on March 3rd, 2024 in a private burial ceremony in his home Home Bay County.

Glowing tributes were paid to the fallen journalist and among those who mourned Michael wholeheartedly was his wife Dinah Nasimiyu Oyier.

In her eulogy at Michael’s memorial service that was held at All Saints Cathedral Church Nairobi, Dina reflected on their two-year marriage and how they met. 

"I met Michael as a professional. It was during the Covid period. We were neighbours at South B. He had just come out of a wilderness moment that took some years. I had equally come out of a wilderness moment and told God that me and your son this is not what we want to explore in our lives.

"The first time I met him in person was in October. I thought I was going as a therapist. He laid down his struggles and I didn’t think he was fit for my husband. But God kept giving me visions every time I prayed for him," she said.

She went on to reveal that in their dating life, Oyier requested to be addressed as Michael and not Mike, Sweetheart, or Honey,

"After some time he asked me to be his girlfriend. He said I should not call him Mike, babe, sweetheart, or honey. While dating I called him my Michael," she said.

Dinah says that they dated for only three months before Michael proposed to her and even tasked her to pick their wedding date.  

"After three months he called me and was like I'm marrying you in May, you chose the date. From there he wanted to move with speed. I didn't understand why back then he had only two years to enjoy his marriage.

"So we got married. He was an amazing husband. He was very proud to be a husband. And he always called me my wife. He had a presence that could not be ignored. When were not in the same place I would miss him terribly to the point that I became dysfunctional at work," she said.

Going down memory lane, Dinah remembered Michael as an amazing husband who took pride in their relationship. 

Dinah fondly remembered Michael as an amazing husband who took pride in their relationship.

"He was so special that the fight I ever had with Michael was when I fueled the car. That's the only time he called me 'woman'. He was like woman, you need to understand that you are married, and am not asking for your help.

"I have no regrets or unfinished business with my husband. I can't look back and say I wish I did. His conversations were very holistic and complete. I love Michael very much," she said.

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