• Willy Paul is not a man new to controversy.

• Miss P left Willy Paul's record label and allegedly started working with Eric Omondi a Kenyan controversial comedian as her manager.

during an interview with Mpasho
Willy Paul during an interview with Mpasho
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Willy Paul has been on tabloids recently for love drama with the songstress Jovial.

This is not the first time that Willy Paul has been in a love triangle, several times the secular artist has been accused of being with different women.

Despite him being a music Love guru, the singer cannot seem to follow his own advice when it comes to women.

Michelle Dyer

Michelle Dyer is a video vixen who used to dance and perform in music videos.

The Ethiopian lady who was engaged to Willy Paul had differences in their relationship that later led the to break up.

The video vixen accused Willy Paul of cheating on her with different women and that he also didn’t appreciate the fact that she was a video vixen as he was a Gospel artist.

Miss P

Miss Picasah is a Kenyan singer who was signed by Willy Paul to his record label Saldido Records.

The singer and songwriter did not know who she was getting involved with when she got signed to Willy Paul; she released a couple of songs with Willy Paul that caught Kenyan attention.

After some time, Miss P started having drama with Willy where she stated that Willy Paul had been trying to be with her sexually.

She later left the record label and allegedly started working with the Eric Omondi a Kenyan controversial comedian as her manager.


Jovial a vocalist and a sensational artist has been on Willy Paul’s radar currently.

The Singer Willy Paul commented on her post, stating that he would like to get involved with the Songstress.

Wewe nikakupata nakukula kama ugali ya ushago, aki mapenzi wewe,” Willy Paul commented.

This caught Jovial's eye and she responded back to Willy Paul with a very outraged demeanor, she did not take it lightly.

Mimi si size yako tafuta size yako,” Jovial responded.

The controversial artist went ahead and replied bitterly that Jovial had rejected him.

Boss wacha kiburi hio kitu si sabuni, anyway let’s see kama sitakufinya soon,” he stated.

The singer was also accused of allegedly bedding Bahatis' wife Diaan B, something he strongly refuted.

At some point in his career, Willy Paul was rumored to be dating a Tanzanian songstress something he denied.

He insisted the two were just good friends.

Nandy recently wedded her boyfriend Bill Nass, the couple is expectant with her first child.

What advice do you have for Willy Paul.

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