• He is angered by the punctures and blames other artists for using witchcraft.

• He states that he will not die.

Willy Paul
Kenyan performing artist Willy Paul
Image: Instagram

Wilson Abubakar Radido, popularly by many as Willy Paul aka Pozze has hit social media claiming to be a lonely man. 

But not lonely in the state that we might use the word for, Pozze has a whole new definition for it.

In his own words, "I am a lonely man tonight. Sio kwa sababu ya mwanamke, mwanamke hawezi nifanya lonely. Siezi kosa mwanamke."  (I'm not lonely because of a lady, a lady can not make me lonely, I can never lack a lady)

Quite logical, right? This rant came in after Pozze's car had a puncture while he was traveling.

In his angered state, he continued to say, "Nimekasirika!!! Kwani gari itashinda ikipata puncture???  Wasanii wachaneni na mimi, waganga wenu hawaniwezi. Ati oh mnajua naenda kutoa mahits hapa mnanitafutatafuta. Hamwezi niua, you can never kill me... I can never die, I will never die." (I am mad! Will the car keep on getting punctures? Artists leave me alone, your witchdoctors are not capable of putting me down. you all know I am about to release hits, and you are on my case. You cannot kill me, you can never kill me...)

What is fascinating about the video is that while his tire was being changed, he concluded the video flaunting that he had swag.

during an interview with Mpasho
Willy Paul during an interview with Mpasho
Image: Instagram

It is a little surprising considering that he doesn´t elaborate on how the puncture is associated with having good swag.

He definitely had his designer clothes on, Gucci branded sweatshirt and pants to be specific.

But we could be led to the conclusion that he has fallen victim to the 'wanting to flaunt syndrome', as he had previously posted on his Instagram, videos of him showing over one hundred thousand shillings while talking to his sister while sitting in his auto saying;

"...Shika, ile inabaki patia daktari akunywe nayo chai... sitaki kuona wanastrike ovyo ovyo." (... Take this, give the balance to the doctor for some tea... I do not want to see them striking constantly.)

Later he posted another video on the same advising the youth to work hard so as to make legit money.

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