• The late Sheila Lumumba's death has caused an uproar among Kenyans online.
• Most of the Kenyans who commented were concerned about the issue of violence against people who identify as LGBTQ+

in a file photo
The late Sheila Lumumba in a file photo
Image: Instagram

The news of the murder of gay woman Sheila Lumumba has upset many Kenyans. The 'beautiful soul' was allegedly murdered by a gang of 6 men in Karatina for being queer.

The terrible news has become a trending topic among Kenyans online with the hashtag JusticeforSheila trending on Twitter.

Many of the comments expressed their anger, sadness, and utter shock at the inhuman act that the late Sheila had been put through.

in a file photo
The late Sheila Lumumba in a file photo
Image: Twitter

Some of those reactions are below.

Rasta Baby It's so hard to express the need for justice of LGBTQ persons killings in a country where homophobia is praised. Queer activism is constantly shrugged off, laughed at even. #JusticeForSheila

Amkeni Malindi This has been a sad week for the LGBTQ community in Kenya.We have experienced brutal murders of our members, raped and killed for being a lesbian. This has led to women living in fear of brutal assaults.Sheila Adhiambo Lumumba did not deserve such a cruel death. #JusticeForSheila

inqilāb Sheila Lumumba was gang-raped & murdered by 6 men in her home. Why? Bc she was a lesbian. 64% if not more of LGBTQ+ people have experienced anti-LGBT+ violence. Homophobic hate crimes are a serious issue that the CJS needs to respond to.

NEKESA WANDERA The violence that has occurred over the existence of the LGBTIQ community has been more extensive considering how long the incidents have occurred. We cannot sit back seeing our people perishing like this.

Protect Queer Kenyans Sheila and I are both 25 and lesbians. I can’t rest because I am one statistic away from being this. I can’t rest because I know my silence will mean Sheila’s death goes unpunished.

Maita They/Them Queer and Gender-Based Violence is a pandemic that is here with us,it is a silent crisis that goes unreported and has little attention. My heart aches. Absolutely no one should have to be violated based on their sexual orientation or Gender identity or...#JusticeForSheila

Omoshez the Maestro I personally know sheila and still cant believe this happened to an innocent soul Let the killers never have peace.

May Sheila's soul rest in peace

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