• Noti Flow had said she was taking a break from dating.

Noti Flow and King Alami have briefly reunited online after a feud
Rapper Noti Flow Noti Flow and King Alami have briefly reunited online after a feud

Noti Flow aka Natalie Florence appears to be back with ex-lover King Alami from a sweet note she has shared about her girlfriend.

The two are marking their one year anniversary and dedicated cute notes to each other.

Noti gushed over Alami saying, "Last year a day like this I met this headache but there's no single day I've regretted meeting her. I can't picture my life without her now. She's my poison #happy1stanniversary to us."

Alami also noted their turbulent times. Read the rest of the mooshy post below.

"Happy one year anniversary to my Queen. She does everything and anything for me without asking. Some people believe there is one, the one who points your way to the sun.

A person they believe makes them complete, the one who will support them when facing defeat. You are my angel, my one and only, my forever love, so we'll never be lonely. You've brought to my life all your love and care.

It made me see when I realized how rare it is to meet your angel or their soulmate but I’m glad I found mine and it’s you @notiflow I love you so f***ing much and I pray we stay forever together."

Noti Flow has been single for a while after breaking up with her girlfriend, King Alami.

In July 2021, Noti Flow confessed to being gay. She also opened up saying that her lesbian lover, King Alami, once turned violent toward her after an argument.

She described her ex-girlfriend as a psycho.

"We had a normal little argument and she went all rampage. She started to punch the walls, hurting her wrists, and when I tried to stop her, she bit me on my shoulder and hand," she wrote.

"She held knives at me and threatened to kill me and kill herself if I break up with her! She strangled me, so I couldn't scream for help! I was out of breath for seconds, I thought I died.

Love doesn't just vanish no matter what someone does. It's unfortunate we can't be together."

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