• Mama Kinuthia disclosed that she was proud of her son who has become well-known for his crossdressing.

• Mama Kinuthia noted how her youngest son would motivate her when she was low similar to what she did for him.

Prominent TikToker, Kelvin Kinuthia, recently hosted an elaborate party to celebrate his birthday.

Kinuthia invited his family and several friends to celebrate with him as he turned 21. His mother was one of the guests and used the opportunity to celebrate her son and talk about her relationship with him.

"Kinuthia I love you so much. You know we are sent here and there, if you go down I lift you up. And if I go down you lift me up," Mother Kinuthia said in a snippet captured by YouTuber, Eve Mungai.

The mother-of-three revealed that she had a very close relationship with her youngest son. She commended the great strides that Kinuthia has made in his artistic career and encouraged him to continue further.

"I thank God and I say thank you. If one saw Kinuthia's work on Tiktok, one would know that the things he does are good, let him continue," she said.

The mother made it clear that she supported her son's style of dress and grooming, adding that her son started doing it in the sixth grade.

"When he started crossdressing, I went to Gikomba and bought a package of clothes. I told him to choose clothes and then give the rest away. At this moment, if he tells me he wants something, I will give him. I am not afraid," Mama Kinuthia revealed.

The success of Kinuthia hasnt come easily as he has had to deal with a lot of cyberbullying. Last year he was accused of using a fare sent to him to buy a phone and other necessities.

Mama Kinuthia revealed that the September 2021 case had a profound effect on her as she was about to get hospitalized.

"That thing made me almost go to the hospital. Those stories are not cool. How can he be told he has eaten fare. That money can even come in by phone. I even called a meeting at home for an explanation," she said.

However he found out that the allegations were false as the suspect's statement did not match that of his son. 

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