• Ringtone claimed most women chose to bypass the lord Jesus he preaches, and follow him instead something that made it hard for him to focus.

• KRG claims most of the gospel singers lack morals and hide their behaviors from their fans.

posing in yellow jacket
KRG the Don posing in yellow jacket
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Controversial singer KRG The Don has condemned some gospel artistes saying they hide in the industry.

Speaking to Kioko on YouTube, KRG was commenting after Ringtone quit the industry one week ago.

According to KRG, most of the gospel singers lack morals and hide their behaviors from their fans.

KRG claims that more of them will be quitting the industry by the end of the year.

"Let him(Ringtone) come this other side we dance. I normally say these people are pretending to be gospel artistes, most of them are indisciplined and lack morals," he said.

"Let them leave the gospel industry and come to this other side. I know before the end of this year we will see more gospel artistes joining the secular industry."

Two days ago, gospel singer Guardian Angel said he was left confused upon learning that Ringtone had announced plans to ditch the industry.

Ringtone said women drove him into quitting gospel music and he had to leave so they could follow Jesus and not him.

Speaking in a YouTube interview, Guardian said he isn't sure whether Ringtone meant it or we'll be seeing a comeback from him soon.

"I didn't receive the news well because as much as we say things from different dimensions and for different reasons, we all know Ringtone loves joking sometimes."

Guardian said no one quite understands the motivation behind Ringtone's move but wants to wait first and see what he does next for everyone to have a clear picture of his direction.

"But I don't think I would take it well if, for instance, another one of us quits gospel music," he said.

"Being a gospel musician, you can be hurt by someone in the same ministry, but that doesn't mean God has hurt you. It is a calling, so you should be in a position to endure anything then go back to talking to God."

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