Arrow Bwoy and Nadia had argued before surprise 30th birthday party

Arrow Bwoy turned 30 years and lover Nadia surprised him

• Nadia and Arrow Bwoy are new parents to a baby boy. 

• Arrow Bwoy was from Germany. 

before they welcomed their son
Nadia Mukami with Arrow Bwoy before they welcomed their son
Image: Courtesy

Musician Arrowbwoy turned 30, and his wife Nadia Mukami got his friends to surprise him. His friends caught him off guard as he sat inside a local hotel negotiating a mega deal.

The group crept up behind Arrow Bwoy who was unaware of what was going on behind his back. He sat with his back to the front door while guests crept in from behind.

Arrowbwoy watched as Nadia excitedly cut two cakes, and danced getting ready to feed the cake to her man. The two parents gyrated their waists and danced before handing the cake around.

There for the special surprise was KRG the Don, Akorino artiste Carey Priscilla, Dufla Diligon.

Arrowbwoy took a moment to heap praise on Nadia for faithfully standing by him.

"Before I eat this, let me say you guys have been so amazing - I think I might cry- but I don't want to drop my gangster points. But to be sincere you guys have been so amazing It's been legit, I have never been so surprised what you guys did, you guys have come kisniper I have been caught by surprise."

Arrowbwoy had just landed from Germany and went in for a quick meeting.

"I came here expecting to sign a business deal, for three million quickly quickly,  so my dear people, this si nkt money to joke around with kumbe my pals want to give me a huge surprise."

But he was delighted despite the subterfuge all the same;

"I am so happy, I don't know what to say big up to everyone who has turned up here. I didn't know that it would be this big of a turn-up. I arrived back yesterday. I am so jet-lagged I came expecting to chill, but kumbe you guys have planned a surprise. It means a lot to me it means family, we are friends and I don't take this for granted."

Nadia shyly smiled as her husband told her how much he appreciates her, sealing it with a kiss.

"To my beautiful baby Nadia, who else ni nani kama si wewe? In fact, before coming here we had quarreled and I said this month of June has been horrible (ivo ivo tuu).

So surprisingly it has been one of the best moments ama days I have ever had. So baby thank you so much I love you so much can I kiss you? Before nilambe cake?" the singer said as he finished his speech sweetly.

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