• Simon's wife, Sarah shared a video of him moments before he was taken to the operation room.

 • Simon is currently recuperating at a city hospital.

and sarah kabu
bonfire CEO simon kabu and sarah kabu

Bonfire CEO Simon Kabu is currently recuperating at one of the city hospitals after undergoing a minor operation.

The news of Kabu's hospitalization was shared by his wife and business partner, Sarah Kabu. Sarah shared a video of her hubby while he was being stretchered to the operation room on Tuesday.

An emotional Sarah wrote; “This is when you understand why they had to include IN SICKNESS AND IN HEALTH KWA MARRIAGE VOWS.

When you escort your spouse as he goes to the theatre and then he asks for a goodbye kiss before he is sedated.

Then you remember @evans_demathew song akijira uka ngumumunye… 😭😭 (she told me come here let me kiss you)

wah, yesterday was an emotional day especially that 1hr he was inside the theatre.

But we thank God for the procedure went on well 🙏 join me in wishing my hubby @kabusimon quick recovery.”

Check out the video below;

Sarah didn't divulge much into what Kabu was ailing from but she was more than glad he was now recovering.

This comes just months after the two made headlines after Sarah announced that she and Simon had parted ways. Sarah accused Kabu of running with their kids.

Recently she would blame Kabu's 24-year-old daughter for taking her kids with her on holiday without her consent.

According to Sarah, Kabu had ‘eloped with her kids.’

In a recent interview with Mpasho, Sarah said that she has since embraced that any marriage could lead a woman to be a single mum.

Sarah made it clear that all goat wives are potential single mothers.

"Even if we are saying we are in the government as goat wives, every goat wife is a potential single mother," she said.

Sarah who was attending Akothee's book and album launch said one of the reasons she support the President of Single mothers was to be able to understand what goes on the single people's lives.

"It is good to know the other side of what happens because when you are a goat wife, you can easily find yourself a single mother. With a click of a button, you have jumped to becoming a single mum," she said adding that it is always good to be prepared.

"That is why you find some who end up stranded and others sink into depression after the end of their marriages," she said.

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