'Anything could happen,' Sarah Kabu embraces single mothers

Sarah Kabu encouraged women to work hard for their children

• Businesswoman Sarah Kabu went on a public forum and aired her family's secrets and issues two months ago.

• Sarah had alleged they were going their separate ways since she is not comfortable living with her business partner and husband Simon Kabu.

Sarah Kabu
Sarah Kabu
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Bonfire CEO Sarah Kabu has embraced that any marriage could lead a woman to be a single mum.

Speaking to Mpasho.co.ke, Sarah made it clear that all goat wives are potential single mothers.

"Even if we are saying we are in the government as goat wives, every goat wife is a potential single mother," she said.

Sarah who was attending Akothee's book and album launch said one of the reasons she support the President of Single mothers was to be able to understand what goes on the single people's lives.

"It is good to know the other side of what happens because when you are a goat wife, you can easily find yourself a single mother. With a click of a button, you have jumped to becoming a single mum," she said adding that it is always good to be prepared.

"That is why you find some who end up stranded and others sink into depression after the end of their marriages," she said.

Sarah encouraged women to work hard for their children and not to fully depend on their men.

"As a woman, you can work hard and feed your children without depending on a man and you still love the man who is the father of your children."

"We need to know that women, the comfort zone is dangerous. Learn to look for your own money as a woman. I am challenged by her. Learn to rise above the comfort zone."

She added:

"Legally married women, small things would happen and you find yourself a single mum. You are living large but things happen you end up using a matatu. You could be living in Runda and driving big cars then all of a sudden you don't have."

Sarah also shared her to-do things and singing is on her bucket list.

"I want to do a Netflix or a Showmax movie because I love soft life. I have been thinking about the glam in our travel. To write a book (one on family and another on business). Then imagine, I am not a singer but I want to sing a song on the virtuous women where I will lip-sink a voice of a song."

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