'I felt like I was been stabbed 100 times!' Jackie Matubia on being induced twice

Jackie Matubia was able to deliver her baby faster than she expected

• Jackie Matubia and her bae Blessing Lung'aho were blessed with a baby boy.

• Jackie Matubia was in so much pain that the doctor had to induce her a second time.

in a file photo
Jackie Matubia in a file photo
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Jackie Matubia and her partner Blessing Lungaho alias Madiba have opened up about the birth of their first child.

Through Matubia's YouTube channel, Madiba says it wasn't an easy time for him as he had to go shoot his new show, Igiza.

"I had left the house in the morning when she called me and told me she wasn't feeling well. When I came home I asked her to let me sleep for an hour as we waited to see how the situation will go."

Unknown to Madiba, his bae had already called the doctor.

"She was induced for the first time as she was not dilating. She was in so much pain even though she was trying hard not to show it."

The new dad says his baby mama had to be induced for a second time.

"She was in so much pain. Around 6:00 pm Milly and Terence also called me and asked if they could come. The doctor had said she might give birth at 4:00 am or 5:00 am."

Agreeing with this sentiment, Matubia added,

"My pain was coming for like 8-10 minutes. I was induced for a second time the pain was so intense. I was in so much pain, I was so weak. The pain felt like someone was stabbing me 100 times. But I decided to hang on."

Madiba says he had to leave the hospital to go for a shoot something Matubia agreed with.

"As a man, I had to be present but me being there meant I would jeopardize other people. I had to go shoot Igiza because the venue was available for that day, I was between the rock and a hard place. My wife told me to go as she would not have delivered in 2 hours."

After Madiba came back from his shoot he was tired and decided to go for a stretch not knowing his baby was bout to be born.

"She was watching the news so I decided to go out to stretch coincidentally Milly and Chebby arrived. A nurse came running calling my name. She told me, 'Blessing Kuja amezaa.' On getting to the room Nana looked at me and told me, 'Ndiyo huyu mtoi amekam.'"

Matubia says she didn't want to overwork her body as she needed the strength to push.

"During my first pregnancy, I used up so much in pushing so I was preserving my energy for that. I had earlier eaten with friends but I threw up. I was even considering CS because I did not have any strength. I felt like I was dying at that particular point. I slept for like four hours without any pain but when I woke up the pain was intense. I thought someone was pricking my leg without my permission."

Adding, "All of a sudden I couldn't close my legs and the pressure to push was too much. I called the nurse and she came in very casually, by the time she was coming in the baby's head was out. By the time she was getting her gloves, the baby's shoulders were out. The doctor had gone to rest because he knew the baby would come at 4:00."

Madiba says to date the doctor still doesn't believe Matubia delivered the baby without his assistance. "When I called the doctor he was very shocked to learn that I was already holding the baby.

In conclusion, Matubia says she was happy she and the baby were doing fine. "I did not finish five minutes of pushing. My delivery reminded me of my baby shower. The Reverend prayed for me and they prayed I have a Hebrew birth. The baby came in healthy after less than 5 minutes of pushing."

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