'I will be a two-time dad,' Madiba about child with Jackie Matubia

Madiba reveals he has a daughter from a previous relationship

• Madiba has a daughter from a past relationship.

• Matubia also has a daughter from a past marriage hence theirs will be a blended family.

from Zora Telenovela
Nana and Madiba from Zora Telenovela
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Blessing Lung'aho aka Madiba has revealed that he will be a dad for a second time adding as he has a child from a previous relationship.

Many were of the opinion that Lung'aho known by many as Madiba will be a dad for the first time thanks to his bae, Jackie Matubia.'

In an interview with Mpasho. co.ke Madiba now says he will be a two-time dad.

"Children are a blessing in more ways than one, I also have a daughter. Fatherhood is something I can't explain. It's an amazing feeling."

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 Madiba says he and Matubia don't know the gender of the child they are expecting.

"I didn't want to know the gender and she respected that. But we will be going for a scan together as we have to start shopping for the baby. "

Matubia also has a daughter (Zahria) from her past marriage.

The soon-to-be mother of two had earlier revealed she is emotionally drained after waiting for her baby for so long. 

Jackie did a YouTube video, saying she wants to encourage her fellow mothers that they will overcome what they are going through and finally hold their babies.

"I am doing this video to encourage a mother going through the same, I am drained both emotionally and physically eagerly waiting for the child."

Jackie Matubia told her fans who have been eagerly waiting for their babies to be patient as she is also learning to be patient. Matubia says she has to follow all that she is told to do by the doctor.

"The same way you are waiting for the baby is also the way I am waiting. I am still going through the labor process. I have to follow the doctor's advice and just wait," Matubia hypothesized.

We wish her a safe delivery.

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