Baby is finally here - Jackie Matubia

Jackie Matubia and lover Blessing Lung'aho welcome their first born son

• Jackie Matubia has welcomed a son with actor Blessing.

• Matubia told her fans that was on contraceptives when she conceived

Actress Jackie Matubia
Actress Jackie Matubia
Image: courtesy

Actress Jackie Matubia and her hubby Blessing Lung'aho are the new parents in town.

Matubia took to her Instagram to announce the arrival of her son thanking God for a safe delivery.

The couple shared a photo with their son from the hospital and captioned it;

"Good Morning ☺️Great news!!! Baby is finally here!!! We give thanks to God for a safe delivery… DR. Nyamu and the staff of @komarockmodern Thank you. This was one interesting delivery so watu wangu wa YouTube the video will be up very soon so subscribe and hit the notifications bell… Thank you, fam for your prayers. Blessed Monday!"

Matubia is now a mother of two since she has a daughter from her previous relationship.

Former Mother-in-Law actress said she learnt she was expectant at eight weeks.

"That day I wasn’t feeling well. I even thought I had contracted Covid-19," she said.

"I had no appetite, and his cologne was irritating me. I was at a point where I never thought I could be pregnant again."

Matubia was tested for different things, among them pregnancy.

"Between my last period and the time of conception, when I was getting pregnant, I was on family planning an injection," she said.

"The doctor told me I was eight weeks pregnant, I froze. I did not know whether to laugh, cry or shout. This second pregnancy, I wasn’t ready because our relationship was just in the ‘honeymoon’ period."

Matubia added that she was taking time for her man before they thought of getting another child.

"I went to the car and cried for 30 minutes. I then called Blessing (Madiba) over the phone and he was very excited," she said.

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