• Actor Blessing Lungaho a.k.a Madiba says he and Jackie Matubia a.k.a Nana aren't planning on documenting their baby's birth.

 • The former Zora actor said he has no problem with couples documenting child births.

from Zora Telenovela
Nana and Madiba from Zora Telenovela
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The super talented actor, Blessing Lungaho says he doesn't think he and his fiancee Jackie Matubia will document their childbirth.

This comes when most celebrity couples including Kenyan ones have made documenting childbirths a popular thing

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Kalondu Musyimi, the former Zora actor said he has no problem with couples doing so stating that they are a different kind of celebrity couple and might choose not to follow that path.

"We are not those kinds of celebrities but I don't judge that 'cause I've followed a lot of American celebrities and this is something that they do so I wouldn't judge Kenyan celebrities for doing that," he said.

Adding, "I'm a pretty private person especially when I'm vulnerable and I wouldn't want to document that. Maybe she might want to document something, I will support her in that but I'd do it differently."

Asked whether he will join Matubia in the delivery room, he said he is currently under advisement and won't overthink it.

"I don't know I am not gonna think about it I'll just let it flow I don't want to preempt too much. If it happens and she needs me there sawa, if she asks me to leave..yeah." Blessing said.

Will he be going on paternity leave?

"I hope so, it's dependent on when it starts but yeah yeah definitely i'm gonna take some time off and bond with the little one."

There have been rumors that Matubia might have already given birth but Blessing was quick to refute those claims.

"That would be a lie. The problem with my better half is she's extremely genuine if she had given birth I wouldn't be here." He said.

Through her YouTube channel, Matubia revealed that she conceived while she was on contraceptives and her bae says he wasn't shocked at all.

Somethings you just take them a day at a time. Men are made to provide and protect, fear is not in that direction. I had to contact my doctor to join in and help out.”

Check out the interview below;

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