• A stepdad/mum should not be seen as a substitute when things between you and your bae don't work out.

• Having a step mum/dad does not mean a child cannot maintain a healthy relationship with the biological parents.

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It is not easy for kids to have a relationship with their stepparents. Most stepparents have for a long term been termed as evil but it is not always the case.

Below are some of the tips on how to create a flawless relationship between stepparents and your kids.

1.  Allow the kids to have a relationship with the dad/mum

This means you do not have to always be the bridge between your husband and the kids.

Allowing the kids have a relationship means they will open up to him easily unlike when they do not have a relationship.

2.  Avoid criticising the stepdad/mum in front of kids

We have seen parents who criticize their partners in front of the kids when they are punished for being in the wrong.

Most will say 'usipige mto sio wako, zaa wako, akikosea niambie' among other things.

If your partner is in the wrong talk to them when the kids are not present so that the kids won't feel it's OK to disrespect their stepparent.

3.  Have a schedule

Having s schedule allows your kids and the stepdad to engage in creative activities together.

It can be taking swimming lessons, or bike riding, among other things.

Spending time doing what kids enjoy doing puts you on their good side.

4.  Engage the kids in your plans

This may include road trips, visiting the farm, and taking them to your work among other things.

This not only keeps the kids busy but also brings you closer.

5.  Do not force the kid to call their step-parent mum or dad

Most people are always in a rush to force their kids to call their partners mum or dad.

The truth of the matter is that even kids need time to adjust especially if they had a relationship with their biological dad/mum before they broke up.

If you get into a relationship with a child, let the call your partner mum or dad at their own pace.

Forcing them to do so might only bring contempt and resistance.

In Kenya celebrities such as Murugi Munyi, Kate Actress, and Jackie Matubia are in successful blended families.

Munyi has a son from a previous relationship and so does Kate.

Matubia has a daughter from her former marriage, she is currently dating Zora actor Madiba.

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