• Jackie Matubia tells her fans who have been eagerly waiting for their babies to be patient as she is.

• She is afraid that she might take 42 weeks like in her first pregnancy. 

flaunts baby bump
Jackie Matubia flaunts baby bump
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Actress Jackie Matubia has shared how she got another false labour, ending up in the hospital.

She says she is emotionally drained after waiting for her baby for so long. 

Jackie did a YouTube video, saying she wants to encourage her fellow mothers that they will overcome what they are going through and finally hold their babies.

"I am doing this video to encourage a mother going through the same, I am drained both emotionally and physically eagerly waiting for the child."

Jackie Matubia tells her fans who have been eagerly waiting for their babies to be patient as she is also learning to be patient. Matubia says she has to follow all that she is told to do by the doctor.

"The same way you are waiting for the baby is also the way I am waiting. I am still going through the labor process. I have to follow the doctor's advice and just wait," Matubia hypothesized.

Jackie shared with fans her first pregnancy experience, which took 42 weeks. 

She expressed fear that she might be compared to an 'elephant'.

"I still have the fear that I might go up to 42 weeks as I went with my first child, and I know fans will start commenting that I have become an elephant."

"This is just to encourage a lady who is going through the same. I know we will make it and hold our healthy babies very soon. Let us just encourage each other and everything will go smoothly," Jackie said. 

Previously, Jackie shared photos on her Instagram page in a hospital bed accompanied by her baby daddy, Madiba. This was after she experienced her first false labor.

Jackie confirmed that the baby is doing okay and she can't wait to deliver.

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