• Njugush's wife, Celestine opened up how God finally answered their prayers to become parents for the second time.

• Celestine also opened up about plans to through a CS as she does not want to experience labour pains.

Njugush with his wife and son
Image: Instagram

Celestine Ndinda, wife to comedian Njugush has revealed that they struggled to conceive their second pregnancy.

Speaking to Mungai Eve on her YouTube channel, Celestine opened up about how God finally answered their prayers.

She said the thought of adding another child was there but it was not happening until their son started praying about it.

"We had thought of having a baby for so long. We kept planning but it was not happening. We have waited for long and God maybe just answered our son's prayers," she said.

Celestine added;

"Tugi would pray and tell God to put a baby in his stomach since maybe he thought we did not want the baby to be in our stomach. He is so excited about it."

Celestine also opened up about plans to through a CS as she does not want to experience labour pains.

"I don't want to feel any pain. During the first pregnancy, I struggled with the pain but still went for an emergency CS since my son had a cord around his neck. Some things I did not know, I wish I knew I would not have waited for that long. I would have chosen a CS earlier," she said.

Celestine said she is enjoying the second pregnancy more than the first one.

"The first pregnancy was a bit troublesome. With this one, I have called my gynaecologist only twice. I think even age brings that experience," she said.

Speaking about how she balances motherhood and her career, Celestine said it has not been easy.

"Balancing motherhood, marriage life and career is very tough. I have not been able to balance those three things. Sometimes, I forget even to take Tugi out and it's because of work," she said.

On whether she plans to share the delivery process like most celebrities nowadays do, Celestine said their content creation does not involve that.

"I am planning to bring experts who can educate people about pregnancy. We are comedians and so unless Njugush just comes in the theatre to make you laugh then we will not shoot that. People have different content but ours is all about comedy," she said.

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