• Njugush says some ladies turned him back on campus because he was broke.

• Celestine and Njugush are expectant with their second child.

smiling for the camera
Njugush with his wife and son smiling for the camera
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Kenyan content creator Njugush has said he has never cheated on his wife Celestina nor is he planning to.

Njugush says he and Celestine have been through thick and thin adding that he wouldn't trade her for anything else.

Speaking during an interview with Plug TV, he said

"We have been together for the longest time. If I was not married I would be on Edgar Obare's exposes every day, ningekuwa nasumbua. I have never had a side chick."

Asked if ladies who turned him down when he was broke reach out to him now that he is a celebrity, Njugush responded,

"People who I never even dated are always on my case, saying they knew I would go far. Artists get in trouble because when one makes it people who turned you down start looking for you."

Speaking on how he would feel if he ever woke up and found himself exposed, he says,

"We are all human, I wouldn't mind getting new followers,' he joked.


"May God help me. We should be able to live our lives the way we want, no one is coming out of this world alive."

Celestine had in an earlier interview revealed that it is Abel Mutua and Njugush's dad who pushed the comedian to settle down before he became famous.

This was to help him avoid falling into the wrong hands. When one is famous people want to be associated with you for what you can provide but not who you are.

Njugush and Celestine are among the most followed Kenyan celebrities.

They are c currently running the show TTT (Through Thick and Thin) which is currently in it's 3 episode.

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