'Stop fighting kids!' Njugush calls out Andrew Kibe

Njugush says Kibe is using kids to build himself


• Njugush says he was certain that he had achieved a lot more than what Kibe will ever achieve.
• He says Kibe thrives at pinning other people down.

posing for a photo
Comedian Njugush posing for a photo
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Comedian Njugush says Andrew Kibe has a habit of fighting young people who are doing everything possible to build themselves.

Speaking in an interview with SPMbuzz, Njugush said when he sees the controversial YouTuber he sees someone who has lost his sense of direction. He said Kibe's main attribute is fighting everything that works.

"You see ukiona baba anapigana na watoto juu ule msee ni mzee (when you see a father fighting with his kids..because that guy is an old man). when I look at him napata mtu amepotea, for him nothing works for him," said Njugush.

When a video of Njugush vibing with his wife, Celestine Ndinda at ShinCity went viral, Kibe criticised Njugush and labelled him as a simp.

Reacting on it, Njugush said he was certain that he had achieved a lot more than what Kibe will ever achieve.

"For that guy, one miaka imekimbia sana and i'd say without fear of doubt I might have made a lot of mistakes in my life and I pray to God I never do the mistake he's done in his life. He has a lot of mistakes to correct other people's mistakes." 

He defended online media personalities who have always been on Kibe's receiving end, saying he prides himself in talking down on people who are doing great things with their lives.

If someone has a platform on YouTube and it is working kwanini uanze... and he is an old man who's using the kids to build himself.

Njugush says Kibe claims to always be on a mission to straighten people yet he hasn't straightened himself.

He called on people to always speak and promote positivity in everything they do saying that the world itself is already full of very many negatives.

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