• KRG spends over two and a half million shillings in April

• He asked his family and friend to give him a break this month

KRG the Don
Kenyan based music artist KRG the Don
Image: Instagram

Kenyan-based artist KRG has been noted to hit the news headlines often as he is usually on a spending spree. The majority of his fans have been heard talking about how the guy usually spends his money.

Is it a trend that he wants to keep cooping with? Is it something that is going to gradually end since he has found love? In January, during his birthday, he announced on his socials that he was going to be throwing a party that was worth more than a thousand dollars. Quite much for a birthday party, haha. Well, that might just be a pinch of salt to KRG. 

Over the past month, he was seen to spend over two million five hundred thousand shillings, with a complaint saying, “my family n friends this month give me a break.”

This is because as he shared on his Instagram story, they had used over six hundred thousand from his pocket in the month of April.

As the Swahili saying goes, ‘usishindane na ndovu kunyaa’ (don’t compete with an elephant to defecate), it is not a fair competition to try flaunting around as KRG does.

He is a well-established artist, who has been in the music industry for over 10years, with a background experience of being a certified DJ, having various club bangers, and owning a record label in Kenya.

Without mentioning a lot, his vast wealth does not majorly come from his music career. He invests heavily leading to his vast wealth. He is more into the construction industry and his company has done various routes just to mention. He also owns a travelling agency that offers ticketing services and hires cars out.

He recently ventured into the hospitality industry with the official opening of the Casa Lounge based along Ngong road.

With this, we can say that the man is justified to spend as much as he could since he refuted the claims of him being a millionaire but mentioned that he is more of a billionaire owing to the amount of wealth that is accumulated in assets.

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