Krg boasts about international countries his songs are streamed in

Krg The Don responds to claims that his songs are not known


• Krg The Don says he is not a local artist as most people think.

• Krg decided to brandish the countries where his songs are most-streamed.

Kenyan artist Krg The Don
Image: Instagram

Krg The Don has taken to his Instagram page to address claims that his songs are not known. He says he is not a local artist and his songs are known in International countries.

The Kenyan artist shared a post for his haters to see where his songs are mostly played and noted that he is an international artist, and his songs are not played locally.

In his post, his songs are mostly played in the United States, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Democratic Republic of Congo, Algeria, etc.

"Kwa wale wanaulizanga mziki yangu inasikizangwa wapi? Habari ndio hiyo!!!! Mimi sio Msanii local vile mnafikirianga(To those who've been asking where my music is played, this is it, I am not a local artist like most of you think) #Bughaa #Dancehall Master #Fullkisunzi Open your eyes local artists coz KRG man a Global Star  Dufla tuonyeshe yako pia ( Dufla show us yours too)" he wrote.

However, some people disagreed with him saying that Krg is still not a performing artist, 

"You little artist ata uskizwe Dunia mzima bado uko chini(you are not a known artist, and even if your music is played in the entire world you are still down) !!!! Weka atlas yote but still kimziki tunajua wewe kiwete Bomboclatt (You can post the entire atlas but in music, everyone knows you are not capable)," a fan commented.

Some also claimed that Krg The Don is just clout chasing. On the other hand Krg seemed not to be affected by the negative comments from fans, as he didn't reply to any. 

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