• Krg had a nasty split with his ex-wife

• Krg  promised to reveal his new bae to the world after they did a couples photoshoot

the Don posing in yellow jacket
Musician KRG the Don posing in yellow jacket
Image: Instagram

Indeed the Holy month of Ramadhan has come to an end.

Before I even proceed, Eid Mubarak to all my Muslim brothers and sisters.

Krg the Don is making headlines once again but luckily this time it's not over petty beef, throwing words but never any action with fellow music artists. Or shady drama with his ex-wife.

The 'Mathogothanio' hitmaker turned dancehall artist, who likes to refer to himself as Bughaa took to his Instagram stories to announce that he was finally in love (again) after a long while.

Which leaves me confused as to who and what happened to the girl he used to flaunt? Y'all remember the masked shawry in all black who couldn't walk in heels that he took to Arrow Bwoy's Focus album launch.

They were pretty cozy for just a couple of strangers, but it makes sense now that he probably just needed an arm candy for the event because she soon afterward just disappeared.

Well,  this might be another ploy but we will give Bughaa the benefit of doubt.

He posted on his Insta stories saying, "I'm heading to see my babe girl kidogo... Bughaa is in love finally."

He followed the post with another video talking about how he was looking forward to being on his best behavior in order to impress his in-laws. "I have to dress like a gentleman for at least 6 months ndio in-laws wajue mimi ni mtoto mzuri (so that my in-laws know I am a good man.)" He captioned the video of him driving.

He finished off his in love preaching by posting his arm next to a lady's hand (who had finely done nails and really pretty fingers if I may add) talking about how he couldn't wait for the 6th of May to reveal his girlfriend to us.

Kenyans make me happy effortlessly.

Now, why does a significant other need unveiling?

"My boo has said she can't wait to be seen on the 6th pia photo shoot tutafanya kesho ya couple goals but for now it's 'good night from us''  he said

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