• Amani is Kanze's second child as she lost her first child at three months old

Kanze Dena with her son Amani
Kanze Dena with her son Amani
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Kanze Dena is a proud mother to a 16-year-old son called Nathaniel Amani. According to Dena, her son is a sports lover and she said she enjoys supporting him.

Kanze took to her social media to celebrate her 'peace champion' and promised to continue cheering him up.

Sharing a throwback photo showing off the gold medal her son won at one of his school’s competitions, Kanze wrote;

"My PEACE CHAMPION...Your love for sports is unmatched..and with each sport, you have picked you have worked hard to be at the top of the pack. MY SON .. Son of my youth... I will always keep cheering as I always have at each competition as you dribble through life and swim through life's waters. As I have always told you THE COACH of this game called life will constantly watch over you.HAPPY 16TH AMANI!!"

In the past, Kanze spoke of co-parenting with her son's dad, stating that it works as long as the needs of the child are prioritised and issues between parents are set aside. 

Below are some of the comments from her fans;

monicakiragu: Happy birthday Amani and well done mama Amani @kanze_dena.

kate_actress:Happy birthday son ,good job Mami

evelynwanjiru_a:Happiest birthday Amani....

christinashusho: Tumekuza, Tumelea..Mungu ampe mwanangu maisha marefu.

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