•"Mungu akupe hitaji la moyo wako." - Lulu Hassan

Kanze Dena
Image: Instagram

State House Spokesperson and Head of PSCU Kanze Dena is today celebrating her 42nd birthday.

The ex-Citizen TV journalist took to her socials to celebrate herself on this day saying she was proud of the woman she has turned out to be.

"The Orchestra of life continues. The Owner and Director of the orchestra has put out a new sheet of music for you. I love how you have played your part so far ensuring the rhythm holds, adjusting to the different tempos.

High notes, low notes,with eyes firmly on the Director, In season and out of season. Cheers! To new music." She wrote

Kanze Dena
Image: Instagram

Celebrating her sister, former Miss Kenyan beauty queen Elsie Stephen  termed Kanze as a blessing not only to her but to society as a whole.

"You have been a blessing to many as a friend. You have been a blessing to me as a sister. I always know that I can call you for inspiration when I need it."

Lulu Hassan was also not left behind in celebrating her BFF.

Through her Instagram Lulu thanked Kanze for being like a biological sister to her.

"Happy Birthday dadaa mkubwa ,Mungu akupe hitaji la moyo wako .u dada mwenye roho yake @kanze_dena ..May you continue to be a blessing to many."

Below are birthday wishes form her fans

Evelynwanjiru_a:Happy birthday my darling 💕 this new age comes with fresh grace @kanze_dena

Monicakiragu: Happy birthday KD @kanze_dena, wish you blessings.

Bernardndong: Happy born day KD.

Lola_john88: May you enjoy this day and the days to come, happy birthday.

Evahrobi: Happy many returns my dear. To Many more new music.

Carolynegakuo: Happy birthday to you beautiful birthday mate. May God bless you with many many more.

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