• Kanze said her mum pushed her to pursue Journalism even though she did not like it. 

Kanze Dena at a friends birthday party
Image: nstagram

State House Spokesperson Kanze Dena says her late mum foresaw her future in the media industry.

In an invite-only event held in Karen a few months ago, Kanze said her mum pushed her to pursue Journalism.

The event was planned by her friends to celebrate the former TV personality. Among those who attended was family and close friends.

While giving her speech, Kanze said she was overwhelmed by the love.

"Honestly overwhelmed. I am not easy to surprise, but this one, you all made it. I am so grateful for family and friendship is very key. Seeing all of you is an encouragement to me and means so much to me," she said and encouraged those present at the event to remain united.

"We might not meet everyday, but we mean a lot to each other."

Kanze said she wished her parents could be alive to see the progress she has made in life.

She added that her mum advised her to pursue media although she (Kanze) did not like it.

"The greatest thing that I would have wanted today is that I would have wished my parents to be here and just to see what is going on. And especially for my mum because she forced me to do this career, I didn't want it. I wish she was here to see what she saw from a far, But I know where she is, she is watching and I am grateful."

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