Crazy Kennar opens up on depression battle

Crazy Kennar's speaks on his battle with mental illness

• We must stand against depression so that we can move together-Crazy Kennar

Crazy Kennar
Crazy Kennar
Image: Courtesy

Kennedy Odhiambo alias Crazy Kennar has opened up about his battle with depression.

In an interview with Citizen Digital, he says

"Not depressed but I have been through that stage. I used to talk to my friends. When I rise I want to raise with the people around me. I must impact them whether directly or indirectly.

For someone to make it you must have a clear mind. If you are stressed you cannot think well. Success starts from the mind. We must stand against depression so that we can move together."

In the past, different celebrities have opened up about their journey with depression. Kambua talked about being in a dark place after losing her second child.

Corazon Kwamboka has also opened up on battling depression and urged people to take mental illness seriously and not to treat it as a joke.

'Chokoza' hitmaker Marya also battled depression after her career spiraled. She was also in a bad place after her marriage failed. She said that this led her to do things she now regrets.

Kenyan cross-dresser Kevin Mwangi alias Shaniqwa also battled depression after losing his job and his wife left him for someone else.

He was also left with their son who is barely 4. In case you are feeling depressed always reach out to a friend and open up. He/she might help.

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