• "Hio nafasi mzae amewacha vacant tupatie nani? Sijatata samidoh." - Karen Nyamu

during Ken wa Kuraya's birthday
Samidoh performing during Ken wa Kuraya's birthday
Image: Moses Mwangi

Aspiring Nairobi Senator Karen Nyamu has joined men in paying tribute to their Chairman, Mzee Kibor.

The celebrated businessman died on Wednesday at a hospital in Eldoret where he had been admitted for weeks.

Nyamu says she has received the news of Kibor's passing with much sadness.

"Men’s conference chairman Mr. Jackson Kibor is no more. I have received the news of his passing with great sadness.

He is a man we all loved for his humor and interesting personal life. Go well General wa boy child. Rest In Peace."

Nyamu hinted that Samidoh should replace Kibor and fans couldn't just have it.

"Sasa mnaona hio nafasi mzae amewacha vacant tupatie nani? Sijatata samidoh."

Check out some of the reactions to Nyamu suggesting her baby daddy as Mzee Kibor's replacement.

Dennis Kinyua: That men's affair so please relax. We shall be announcing the next leader but for now, let's mourn our chairman in peace.

Susan Nganga: Rest in peace, Mr. Kibor. Samidoh is our father Abraham.

Wambùi Ndungu: Rest in peace chairman ..Samidoh is the chairman of MEN KENYA SEED COMPANY LIMITED.

Evans M Mutavi: He is irreplaceable, gone too soon when we highly needed him. Rip mzee.

Ngati Kim Kimani: Samidoh is the chairman of vital joto company and Kenya seed company.

Humphrey Billy: Samidoh is not qualified, he will fill the country with destitute children,, we need a man-made of fired up metal.

Patrick Ndegwa: Samidoh was the acting Chair. He will proceed as we seat to endorse him.

Rosemary W. Kiruri: Samidoh hawezi hii kiti, ataangusha Kenya seed company by misusing the seed even on the desert, it needs a sober mind.

Alfred Bang Baxter: Samidoh is not experienced enough, less than 10 children we don't consider.

In case you don't get the joke, Samidoh is associated with Kenyan Seeds for his prowess with women and getting them pregnant.

Early this year it was discovered that both Karen Nyamu and Samidoh's wife Edday were both expectant.

Nyamu has since delivered but Edday hasn't.

Do you think Samidoh is the best candidate to replace Mzee Kibor?

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