Mzee Jackson Kibor
Mzee Jackson Kibor

Kibor says he has seen it all, done it all.

He said he decided to attend the men's conference in February 2020 because of many complaints by women that men fail in their family responsibilities, mainly because of heavy drinking.

“I advised the young men you cannot drink yourself silly to the extent of being carried to bed. You claim to be the man of the house yet you just snore and sleep like the dead until the next day," Kibor said.

Kibor says he drinks one beer a week, eats all kinds of food and stays fit so he can do everything for himself, including driving.

Every day he wakes up at 6am to check on his farm and says he likes to work hard on the land.

He has never been hospitalised, he still walks long distances and his eyesight is sharp.

“It’s only God who ensured I am healthy and I greatly thank Him," Kibor said.

He said though he has great wealth, money without good relations with people amounts to poverty.

"Just live well with people, respect and value everyone and don't be prideful or arrogant. Then God will bless you as he has blessed me," Kibor said.

Kibor is a staunch AIC follower and has given land to more than eight churches and a mosque. He bought more than 45 acres to construct Kipkabus Secondary School.

“I have done all that I could and in the best way possible. I guess no one can say I am a bad person and when God takes me away any time I will have no regrets," Kibor said.

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