Man removes knife and stabs her in the chest

Anger as CCTV of Kenyan man stabbing gf in supermarket goes viral

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• The couple appears to have been having differences as they shopped.

cctv of man stabbign woman in supermarket
cctv of man stabbign woman in supermarket

CCTV footage of a man violently stabbing a woman he was shopping with has been leaked. The footage shows two individuals, a man and a woman standing in a corner of a supermarket with a basket in between them.

They stand close to one another and appear to be talking, then she bends down twice to pick items from the shelves. He attempts to stop her from walking by looking down at the basket she is filling with items.

He fidgets a lot pulling his sweatshirt as something in his right-hand pocket appears to be peeping out. He covers it and continues to stand by looking at her.

The man walks a little bit further, looks around, and then holds something in his pocket,

She comes closer to him to try and get to the other shelves where he blocks her way and stabs her on the chest.

He pushes her away as she holds on to her chest and also pulls back behind the shelves. She runs off behind the shelves where we cannot see the CCTV, and he follows her.

Curious onlookers also follow them after expressing shock at the incident.

Kenyans have reacted in horror to the video:

@waJAHkoya Msee kama huyu anafaa ategewe hapo nje apewe guidance and counselling na wasee wa nduthi

@zalewskiszn I'm not saying anything until I hear the other side of the story

@smartcommtec People nowadays have no regards for life. 😱🤔

@_BASTONi Mbona hii CCTV iko na audio. Ama ni simu ndo imerecord

@Ky_ moneyyyy Kwa corner ya sukari kwanza. This love ain't sweet

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