Zari's sister reveals heartbreaking last words to their dying mom

• On July 20, 2017, Halima passed away from cancer in the Nakasero Hospital in Kampala, Uganda

Zari with her late mom
Image: Instagram

Zahara Mohez, the sister of Zari Hassan, has recalled her final moments with their deceased mother Halima Hassan.

On July 20, 2017, Halima passed away from cancer in the Nakasero Hospital in Kampala, Uganda.

The sister of Zari described their final moments together. 

"I told you mum slap me if you can hear but the only reaction I got from you were tears. I put your hand on my chick but you were so tired and in pain n hurting.

One thing am grateful for even your last moments you stood by your kids n said abana bange mwekume always be there for one another n stand by each other and mama we do no matter how many ups n down we go through we stick by each other miss u so so much."

She claimed in another post that July had been the most difficult month since their mother's passing.

"Mama losing you I never expected it would hurt for life, always prayed I go before you cause always said to myself, how will I deal with the pain but you are in a much better place and with God."

When her mother passed away, Zari posted a notice on social media. The mother of five shared the terrible news with her fans on social media and commented;

"It's with deep sorrow that my family and I announce the death of our lovely mother who passed on this morning. May her soul rest in peace, May Allah forgive you your sins and grant you Jana.

You will forever be loved our Old Sun, us as your kids were given the best from God as our mother. We appreciate all you did for us. We will forever cherish you Mama. Sleep well."

May her soul continue resting in peace.

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