Bahati complains to Diana Marua for not shaving his intimate areas


• The singer complained that Diana had only shaved his private areas only twice in the seven years of their marriage.

Diana Marua and Bahati.
Image: Instagram/Diana Marua

Celebrity couple Diana Marua and singer Kelvin Bahati recently shared a video of a candid conversation about some of their personal issues.

In a video shared on YouTube, the couple discussed how Bahati's clean life has changed since the 34-year-old model came into her life.

Bahati admitted that having his wife Diana has helped him a lot to improve his hygiene, for example in the matter of changing his underwear regularly.

“Awali sikuwa nabadilisha boxer, ningevaa moja mara tatu kwa wiki. Saa hii navaa tofauti siku tano kwa sababu nabadilisha,” Bahati said.

The 30-year-old singer also admitted that in the past he did not shave his armpits and pubic hair, but when Diana came, she has been shaving him.

However, he complained that the mother of his three children has shaved him only twice in the seven years they have been together.

“Inakuwaje tumekuwa kwa ndoa kwa miaka saba na umeninyoa tu mara mbili?" Bahati mourned.

In her defense, Diana Marua pointed out that the former gospel singer does not like to get shaved.

“Wewe hutakangi. Kuna siku nilikwambia kuja nikunyoe kwa bafu, uliniambia sio wakati mzuri mpenzi, ukaniambia nitakunyoa tukifika Dubai,” Diana explained.

She also revealed that often when she intends to shave Bahati, the father of her three children usually complains that he will feel irritated.

“Siku ingine nikakwambia ukuje nikunyoe, ukakataa ukaniambia utaanza kuskia kujikuna,” she said.


“Mara ya mwisho nilimwambia Baha twende nikunyoe saa hii, aki ilikuwa ni kama unaweza zishuka nywele zako na uweke beads.”

The beautiful rapper, however, promised her husband that she would shave and apply medicine to the area that would prevent itchiness.

This was after the Wanani musician revealed that his hair has now grown very big. Diana Marua felt that she has had a positive impact on the 30-year-old singer's life and hinted that her life would be a lot worse without her.

"Maisha yako bila mimi ni duni. Haki mimi nakuhurumianga.” she said.

Bahati and Diana have been together for about seven years and have already been blessed with three children together. They are also raising a 13-year-old boy whom Bahati took from an orphanage 

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