Jeff Mwathi inquest ordered, 35 witnesses set for Aug hearing

The State will call a total of 35 witnesses to testify in late Jeff Mwathi’s inquest.

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• The matter was mentioned before Magistrate Zainabu Abdul.

• Inquest set for August 10.

Jeff Mwathi.
Image: Courtesy

A court has ordered an inquest into the death of youngster Jeff Mwathi who died in February this year under mysterious circumstances.

35 witnesses are also lined up for hearing according to more details that say it will begin on August 10 this year.

The court heard this matter Thursday before Magistrate Zainah Abdul who directed DCI officers to provide the court with documents to be used in the inquest.

The inquest is to shine more light on what happened on the night that Keff Mathi died in the home of Dj Fatxo who has since been cleared of charges.

The late 23-year-old's mother spoke to the media after the court's directive.

Anne Mwathi said, "We have cried, we have suffered... but tunaamini kuna mungu mbinguni," before adding, "What I'd want is the government to take action on anyone that may be found guilty."

Meanwhile, Dj Fatxo has been asking Kenyans to pray for him as he deals with the fallout from the case. He has also since traded his Mercedes Benz for a Toyota Corolla.

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