Missing ex-JKUAT student Victor Kibet rings dad, says he's alive


• The former JKUAT student was reported missing on March 18.

Victor Kibet
Image: Courtesy

Victor Kibet, the former student at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology who vanished last month, has been confirmed alive.

His father, Paul Mutai, revealed that Kibet contacted him on Friday to reassure him of his well-being.

However, Mutai refrained from providing detailed information regarding Kibet's whereabouts or companions.

Kibet, aged 23, was reported missing on March 18.

Before his disappearance, Kibet, known for his extravagant lifestyle, was reportedly enjoying a game of pool at an entertainment establishment in Kiambu County.

Allegedly, individuals claiming to be police officers seized him from the venue. Witnesses reported seeing him forced into a waiting Subaru, which swiftly departed, trailed by a double cab.

Since then, Kibet's location remained unknown, prompting an intensified search by the authorities.

Kibet, viewed by many as a symbol of the 'Kenyan dream' sought by numerous youths and millennials, had a mysterious aspect to his narrative—the unexplained source of his wealth, sparking debates on social media.

Despite lacking a known occupation, Kibet purportedly showcased high-end vehicles, raising suspicions among observers.

Speculations linked his abduction to online scams.

While the perpetrators behind the abduction remain unidentified, inquiries into Kibet's wealth, particularly its origin, surfaced.

However, a few days after his disappearance, Kibet's father dismissed allegations of his involvement in fraudulent activities, stating that his son had mentioned plans to start a business with friends but had not provided further details.

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Victor Kibet
Image: Courtesy